Discord Bots For Your New Discord Server

Undoubtedly, your discord server won’t stay alive without using 100% automated and effective discord bots. There are numerous free and paid bots available on the internet, but only a few are ideal for use on discord servers. As there is a surfeit of options available, you can’t think of choosing the best one, especially when you’re new to discord technology.

So do you want your discord bots for effective task automation? Or your ultimate goal of using discord bots is enhancing the user experience? Regardless of your goals, here we’re mentioning our list of the best discord bots suitable for all types of discord servers. Let’s get started.


Discord Bots to Keep Your Server Safe


Whether your ultimate goal is enhancing the user experience or moderation, MEE6 is one of the highly recommended discord bots. This discord bot allows you to automate the basic tasks, including delivering automated welcome messages to the guests. Above all, you also can create some custom commands for kicking out the users who are spamming the discord or doing some promotional activities.

This bot automatically scans the chats and kicks out the users without the need of giving commands again and again. The best part is you get the freedom to assign your preferred role to this discord bot, and there is no need of giving some additional commands.

MEE6 discord bot can also play preferred music collections on the servers. It can identify loyal guests and directly give them access to premium content. When it comes to the pricing, either you can do a monthly subscription or consider the lifetime purchase option.

Dank Memer

As the trend of memes is unbeatable, here comes ‘Dank Memer’ that is entirely based on the memes. In our opinion, this is one of the best meme-based discord bots on the internet.

If you want to keep the environment of your discord service lively, look no further than the Dankmemer. You get a set of bot commands that allows you to insert the right meme in the middle of the conversation.

There are tons of memes available; you can also create your personalized memes as per your choice. The most liked key feature of Dank memer is the ‘’currency system’’ that allows you to steal coins from your guests easily.

You can’t redeem the stolen coins in physical cash, but you can buy some exclusive items to enhance your discord server’s overall experience.

Above all, the basic features of the Dankmemer are 100% free; this is something you can’t expect from other discord bots. If you’re entirely new to the discord servers, the basic features of Dankmemer are enough for beginners.

In our opinion, before you invest money in other discord bots, just try Dank memer and see whether it suits your interests or not.

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Helper.gg is a discord bot based on an automated ticketing system. Many gamers prefer using this discord bot, but it is suitable for all types of businesses. If your ultimate goal is connecting directly to the guests and resolving their users, Helper.gg is a good option.

In our opinion, this discord bot is not for fun; it’s all about customer engagement and boosting your business. You can even create a set of different types of personalized tickets to focus on the priority ones.

Above all, even your team members have access to resolve the tickets and delete them once they are solved. It means not only you, but your colleagues can also access this discord bot and enhance the daily efficiency.

Helper.gg is quite an expensive bot compared to other discord bots like Dankmemer, etc. Nevertheless, some offers are running on Helper.gg where you can use the basic features for free. You can later shift to the monthly premium plan and unlock all the customization features.

Last but not least, Helper.gg is one of our favorite discord bots for business purposes.

Final Thoughts

So now you know the best discord bots, it’s time to research about them on their official website and check out the pricing plans. Above all, ensure your ideal discord bot is easy to use, and utter transparency should be maintained. With our guide, you’re all set for welcoming your new discord bot on your server.

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