Your Ultimate Guide for Creative Holiday Photos

After a tiring year and a half of hurt and estrangement due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the joyful tradition of sending holiday cards to loved ones can be a wonderful way of bringing people together in spirit. 

Whether they’re for friends, family members, or former colleagues, creative Christmas cards can put a smile on just about anyone’s face. And, if you play your cards right, the recipients might even have a hearty laugh to put some sorrows aside. 

Time to get creative and nail it! Here are a few pro tips for creating memorable holiday photos:


Ditch Your Traditional Christmas Background

Instead of posed photos in front of the fireplace or near the Christmas tree, change things up a bit to show off your personality and funny side. For instance, you can take your festive family photo in bed — holiday pajamas and all. You could also snap one in the bathroom with some Santa or reindeer attire, a toothbrush, and a shower cap. How about moving your couch to the backyard and having a garbage bin backdrop instead of a fireplace mantle? Finally, there’s the option of visiting a funhouse and making use of any props and distortions for a truly unforgettable holiday card.

Let Your Kids and Pets Create Havoc

Staging a family photo can be like herding cats. So, why not let the little ones do whatever they please while you take as many candid photos as you can? Of course, it’s near impossible to get everyone in a single photo, but that’s even better, as you can make a much appreciated, funny collage. For that purpose, you can get professional help for free as part of your holiday photo card order. For a higher impact, choose an elegant template and a shiny foil finish to contrast with the humor of the scrapbook photos.

Ditch Conventional Facial Expressions

Smiling in holiday photos is always expected and perhaps overplayed, especially if you want them to be fun and creative. Instead of a traditional posed shot, take some photos where family members act surprised, shocked, terrified, or pretend to dodge invisible attacks. Additionally, you could put on a grumpy face, a super-tired one, or stare like a lunatic. It’s the easiest trick in the book and surefire entertainment for your friends of all ages. 

Stage an Unfortunate Situation

Here’s something unique and different: Give the camera a sad stare while everyone else in the family looks at their smartphones and tablets, completely ignoring you. Or, ask everyone to look drunk and passed out, with a lot of empty bottles laying around. Better yet, arrange a kitchen disaster. Baking together can get pretty messy, and a little smoke and soot here and there will definitely paint a holiday picture completely outside the box. A cake fight will also do. You can also set a generous timer on your camera and position it toward a window. You can then go outside and pretend to be trapped in the cold, banging on the window to be let in.

Switch Up Roles and Genders

Finally, why not dress up your pet, child, or significant other like you or you dress like them? Imagine a grown-up in a diaper, with a baby bonnet and a pacifier, while the baby has a mustache, glasses, and a cigar. Alternatively, you can print masks of your faces, with holes for the eyes, and swap them around. The more, the merrier. You can also have everyone wear identical masks and see if grandma recognizes who’s who.

Bonus idea: Dress yourself as an actual gift — wrapping paper, ribbon, and all —  and strike a pose under the Christmas tree.

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It’s Time to Put Your Creativity to Good Use 

Excited about the upcoming holiday season? Who isn’t?! Now get creative and put to good use one of these or other creative ideas, turning your traditional holiday photo into a memorable forever piece for all your loved ones. Make a collage with the best Christmas photos and remember to have it framed and printed professionally for maximum effect.

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