How to Change Location or Region in Discord Server ( 5 Easy Steps )


How to Change Location or Region in Discord Server ( 3 Easy Steps )

If you have noticed that there are few problems with your voice communication in discord server, you can resolve this issue by changing location or region. I will discuss that How to Change Location Discord in my new brand article.

When you create account on Discord Server, the discord server choose the nearest location or region spontaneously. But sometime that location or region is not perfect for you.

Fortunately, you can change server on discord for the outstanding performance by applying some commands on discord server settings.

But at the same time it is feasible to do, although it is not truly clear that how can you change server region manually on discord.

If you don’t know that how to change region in discord server no worries I am telling you how you can change discord location it in a few easy steps.

How to Change Location in Discord

Voice server needs to be changed because we use Discord for gaming only. When we are playing more than one slave, we use Discord to talk to each other.

When we are talking to each other while playing a game. For example, when a servant speaks, his voice reaches the other servant. What time does it take? If this time increases. There may be a problem in your discord region.

  • To change discord region, open your discord.
change location discord
  • Click on the server you want to change the region or location of the voice server,
change location discord
change location discord
  • It is very important that you change the voice server you want to be the moderator or owner, then you will be able to change its setting.
  • If you are not the owner or moderator of this server, you will not be able to challenge this server location setting.
  • When you click on your server whose voice server you want to change, a side will open in front of you. There is an arrow mark above it. Click on it as you can see in the picture below.
change location discord
change location discord
  • After clicking, another new slide will open in front of you, then click on Server Settings.
change location discord
change location discord
  • In the next slide that will open in front of you, you will get the option of a Change with which you will also get the flag of the country which you have already selected the server, then you can change your server location by clicking on change. Are as shown in the picture below.
change location discord
change location discord


  • Finally you will have flags show so you can select whatever you want to select. But it is important to select the one closest to where you live, as you live in the US West, then select US East.
change location discord
change location discord
  • You should call and check again whenever you change the location of your server. Is your voice latency OK? If your voice latency does not improve, you can re-select another server. Until your voice latency improves, you can check back and find your best service.
  • When you find a good region or location on your Discord server and select and save it, your voice latency improves a lot and your gaming can go a long way.

 Server Setting Option Not Show in Your Discord Server

It happens to a lot of people that whenever they want to change the location on their server they go to settings but they don’t see the server setting option anywhere. Let me tell you why they don’t see it.

Because you are neither the owner of this server nor its moderator, you can only touch the server setting option when you are its owner or moderator. If you are not Honor or Moderator you cannot change its setting.

If you are a member of someone’s server, you may want to change the location by going to server settings. But if you don’t have an option show, you first need to talk to your server’s honors and tell them what’s wrong with you.

And then after listening to your problem it will make you a moderator then you can make it a good server by selecting the right location or region.

Select Location or Region on a New Server

If you want to create your new server on Discord and at the same time you want to select your voice server i.e. location, then you can learn in this article.

  • In the left side column you will find a plus sign. Click on it.
  • A new slide will open that says Create New Server.
change location discord
change location discord
  • Here you will find the option of server name. You have to have the same name that you have thought for your server. If you do not know, you can auto generate. This will give you great ideas for naming.
  • After that you will get the option of server region where you have to select the region which keeps the latency of your voice low.
  • If you mistakenly select a region that is not the best for your voice latency, you can change it later.
  • Now all you have to do is click on the do it option then whatever you have just set will be done automatically۔
  • After becoming a discord server, the first message you will receive is an invite friends. You can invite your friends to your discord server by clicking there.

Audio Troubles

Most people change the Discord Server region so that His voice latency improves even a small lag of their voice latency improvisation can drown the game in it.

It gives gamer a very good latency, which is why they use the Discord server.

Changing your region doesn’t help for your voice quality

After changing the discord server location, you need to close and reopen your discord.

If your voice quality does not improve even after changing the Discord Server Region, you may have a hardware problem.

The Discord app gives you an option to check your hardware. You get the option to discord setting on the left side. You have to click on it.

Here you get the option to check both video and audio. You have to check your audio first. When you go to the audio option, your mic will be checked there. Then your mic will be checked and then you can also check your video.

Who is the CEO of discord?

Discord’s CEO is Jason Citron. It has 150 million users. It was launched in 2015.

Are discord servers free?

You can use Discord Server for free, but if you have a large file in it, you will need to purchase a subscription.


i hope your learned about this How to Change Location or Region in Discord Server. please share with friends. if you have any question please drop in comment box.


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