Cash Deposit Machine Near Me – How to find?

If you are connected to the internet, finding a cash deposit machine near me will become very quick and easy. You can quickly get a CDM’s exact address and navigation route, i.e., cash deposit machine, with a single click on the button.

If you want to know the answers below questions, then you should not miss reading the complete article

  1. Where is the nearest CDM,i.e., cash deposit machine location near you?
  2. How can you use the cash deposit machine?
  3. Is it secure to use a cash deposit machine?
  4. Do different banks have different cash deposit machines?


Cash deposit machine

It is a self-service machine similar to an ATM; however, both are different in functionality.

The ATM is used to withdraw the cash from the bank account, and CDM is used to deposit cash in the bank account.

Most banks have the facility to pre-install the cash deposit machine inside the ATM and in their bank locations.

You can deposit cash directly in the bank account without even visiting the bank. You can easily use the cash deposit machine located near your place. After a successful transaction, you will also get a deposit slip.

What is the difference/similarities between a cash deposit machine and ATM?

Cash Deposit Machines can be easily located via Google Maps. ATM can be easily located via Google Maps.
PIN change facility, balance check, and mini statement facility are available. PIN change facility, balance check, and mini statement facility are available.
Money can be deposited via account details or card You need a debit card to withdraw machine
This machine is used to deposit cash. This machine is used to withdraw cash.
CDM is Cash Deposit Machine ATM is Automated Teller Machine

How to locate a cash deposit machine near you?

The simplest way to find a cash deposit machine near your location is to check it out on google maps on your desktop and mobile. To check out the location, you need to type ‘Cash Deposit Machine Near Me’ in the search bar.

Always ensure that the location is enabled before you start searching on google maps. The location service by google maps will provide you with the exact location near you.

Once you click the search button, you can see all the Cash Deposit Machine Near Me on the mobile screen with the best route you can cover by car, bus, or walk.

Most of the time, google will should your notification for the cash deposit machines that are out of service so that you can search for another machine near you.

How can you deposit cash in a cash deposit machine (CDM)?

Once you locate the CDM machine near your location, you have to reach the location first and follow the below steps

  1. First, visit the Cash Deposit Machine Near Me and insert/swipe the debit card in the machine.
  2. Same as an ATM, it will ask you for your four-digit ATM PIN for validation.
  3. Now you can see various options on the screen. You need to select the deposit cash option among all.
  4. Now select the account type,i.e., current or savings.
  5. Once you have selected the account type, you can start depositing the cash in the cash deposit machine.
  6. You need to deposit notes in the slot provided in the machine one by one.

You can deposit Rs. 100, Rs 500, and Rs 2000 notes. Ensure the notes are in good condition, and the maximum limit to deposit cash is Rs. 49000.

  1. After selecting the denominations, you need to press the confirm button, and the machine will take the notes for verification.
  2. Now you need to wait for a few seconds.
  3. After a few seconds, the CDM machine will display the amount of money you have just deposited. The screen will display the deposited figure; if it is correct, you need to press the confirm button.
  4. Now you will get a deposit slip as proof that the cash is deposited in your account. Also, if your phone number is registered with your bank account, you will receive a message on the mobile for the deposited amount.

Why should you use the cash deposit machine for depositing the cash?

Below are some of the reasons to use the cash deposit machine.

  1. You can use the cash deposit machine to deposit the cash directly in your bank account from anywhere and at any time per your ease.
  2. You do not have to fill long deposit slips.
  3. You do not have to stand in long queues at the bank branch, which is a very hectic task for working people.
  4. You will also get a confirmation receipt from the machine from cash deposit machine after a successful transaction.
  5. The process is straightforward and very time-saving.
  6. This is a time-saving and efficient way to deposit cash.
  7. This transaction can also be seen in your online passbook.
  8. Various services are also available on the cash deposit machine, like balance checks.

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What are the dos and don’ts of using a cash deposit machine?

Below are some dos and don’ts of cash deposit machine


  1. It would be best to collect the cash from the cash deposit machine if rejected.
  2. You should beware of any suspicious movement from the people around the cash deposit machine. Also, it would be best to be careful with the strangers conversing with you while depositing the cash.
  3. Make sure not to deposit more than 200 notes in a single transaction.
  4. Always input the PIN secretly.
  5. Make sure to press the cancel key before leaving the cash deposit machine. It would be best if you waited for the welcome message to appear on the screen for extra security.
  6. Always take your transaction detail slip, cash, and card from the CDM machine.
  7. Register your mobile number and email ID with your bank to obtain alerts for CDM transactions.
  8. You should report to the bank immediately if the cash is not deposited in the account.


  1. Never write your PIN on your card and never disclose it to anyone.
  2. Never conduct the transaction if you see any unusual decisions or appendages connected with the cash deposit machine.
  3. Never take help from strangers while depositing cash in the cash deposit machine.
  4. Never handover the debit card to anyone when you ask for help.
  5. Do not place your cash in the cash slot with pins.
  6. Do not let anyone peek into the cash deposit machine while making the transaction.

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