Tactics For Building A Natural Link Profile

Let’s continue talking about links, their quality and place in the relevance formula. As smart as search algorithms get, links are still the most important criterion for ranking a site. They also help to increase your company’s presence on the Internet, build contacts with other sites (related types of business or thematic portals) and increase brand awareness. Link lifting website is a perfect platform for building links for your sites.

Over the past two years, many methods have been created, developed and tested for creating organic (natural) links (links that are not bought on link exchanges, not leased). These strategies, as opposed to buying links, are costly and time consuming. They usually don’t show quick reverse effect, but they are the most valuable in terms of SEO and internet marketing.

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    Create your own database of high-quality images and videos

This tactic will require a certain budget: you need to invest for the work of a professional photographer or graphic artist, videographer, as well as technical support for the stock. Authors, bloggers, site users or your clients will be able to use photos or illustrations through the Attribution link.

Advice. After you’ve created your own photo or video stock, make a list of authors and bloggers who potentially need quality illustrations (videos). Make them a mutually beneficial offer. Citing your site as a source will boost its credibility.

Another strategy that can be implemented about creating a database of video materials is the formation of a database regarding an item or brand. Video content on the site itself is a big plus for conversion, but could be published as well on affiliate resources by linking to the parent site.

  1. Revive old connections and update links

There are many pieces of content that are always relevant. Outdated blog posts, historical references, various instructions and descriptions, at first glance, have lost their freshness and novelty. But they have not lost their practicality and usefulness.

Surely someone from the authors or bloggers published similar materials. It shouldn’t be difficult to find these outdated pages that link back to your site. Contact the owner of this site and arrange to post updated information with links to relevant pages.

To increase the chances of a link being renewed and updated, a symbolic content fee can be offered. But what you should definitely do is thank the author for the initial mention of the brand and offer help in updating the page.

Note: here we are talking about those links that appeared organically.

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  1. Publish the interview

Posting interviews with popular personalities and experts in a particular field was among very first link building tactics used, in particular, to promote young websites.

By posting interviews regularly and as often as possible, you can achieve high citation from the media, as well as specialized Internet portals.

In other words, along with the traditional sections “Reviews”, “Articles”, “Blog”, you can create a section or heading “Interviews with experts” and publish here the opinions of experts who are authoritative in this field. Other sites, especially those in the media category, will happily link to them.

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