Broken Phone Screens 101

We’ve all been there: You’re going about your business when suddenly, “Bang!” Your beloved smartphone hits the floor. Once you muster the courage to pick it up and assess the damage, you may find yourself with a broken or cracked phone screen.

Don’t panic! While a broken screen is a frustrating experience, it’s also a highly common one. Here’s what to consider and do when facing a shattered screen to get your life back on track asap.


Do You Have Insurance?

The best Samsung Galaxy or iPhone 13 case can significantly mitigate the damage, but it’s always wise to invest in some form of insurance for those extreme falls. You can get coverage for your precious devices, whether it be Apple Care or something like SquareTrade.

If you do have a phone protection plan, take a deep breath. You’re already ahead of the game. Review your coverage and follow the necessary steps to get your phone repaired, and you’ll be back in business in no time.

Back-Up Your Data

If your phone is severely busted, it’s a good idea to back up your data as quickly as possible in case your device becomes unusable.

With the rise of cloud computing and storage over recent years, your device probably has backed up automatically! Still, double-check to be on the safe side.

Make It Work

Don’t have a phone protection plan? It’s time to figure out your best path forward. You could bite the bullet and purchase a new device right away. But upgrading a phone, especially when the one you have works perfectly (aside from the broken screen), can be unnecessary.

If you want to extend the phone’s life, you’ve got a few options.

Get Screen Protector

Say your screen has a few cracks, but it’s still usable. Consider getting a screen protector. It’s best to have this from the start, but you can still use one after the fact.

Screen protectors are typically thin sheets of hard plastic or glass, and you can secure them on top of the broken screen. The protector helps to hold everything in place, prevents further cracking, and protects your fingertips from cuts.

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Use a Screen Repair Kit

If you’re into DIY projects, you could try to replace the screen on your own. Multiple companies online will send you a new screen and provide step-by-step instructions for how to replace it on your own!

Keep in mind that doing this may compromise any warranty your phone has, so it’s always best to do your research before taking matters into your own hands.

Take It to a Pro

Screen replacement services are commonplace at tech repair shops. You can take your phone to a professional with expertise and special tools to save yourself a headache. This option is still far more affordable than replacing the phone.

Accidents Happen

Even if you’re incredibly careful, you’ll likely still need to deal with a cracked phone screen at some point in your life. If it happens, don’t panic. After a few simple steps, your beloved smartphone will be back in business.

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