How to Capture the Best Photography on a Budget

A lot of people think that in order to capture really great images you need to spend out on all the latest equipment. And whilst having the latest and most powerful camera, tripod and plenty of different lenses can certainly have its appeal, it is perfectly possible to create great photographs even on a budget.

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology you can even capture some amazing photographs using the camera on your mobile phone. This is proof that using a camera that doesn’t have all of the most up to date features means that capturing the best photography is still possible.

If you take a look at the photographs on photo sharing websites you are bound to find that quite a number of very good shots have been taken by hobby photographers using older cameras and phone cameras. Sometimes it is just a case of being in the right place at the right time and being lucky.


Buy used

As we have already mentioned you don’t need the latest camera to capture great images, but if you don’t already have access to a camera don’t rush out and buy a brand new one. There are often fantastic deals to be found on used cameras and equipment because someone else will have upgraded.

Some of the most iconic photographs you will have ever seen were taken on film cameras with far less capabilities than most of the second-hand cameras you will find today. There is no denying that the newer the camera the easier it may be to use and the more features it will have to make life easier. However, if you are on a budget then this is simply not necessary.

Make your own photography aids

Photography catalogues are a great source of inspiration, and a great way to spend a considerable amount of money. There are plenty of the more common accessories you might use for your photography that you can make yourself. Lace, for example, makes a great filter, so raid the sewing box. The internet is full of videos and tutorials on how you can make everything from homemade lighting kits to do-it-yourself tripods. If you are not afraid of a little DIY you can make some things for a fraction of the price.

Don’t forget interesting backdrops can be found anywhere without the need to buy expensive ones. For smaller items, different textured materials and even crumpled paper or foil will provide you with an interesting background.

Work with what you have

If you are struggling to take decent photographs with the equipment that you currently have, do not rush out and buy something newer. Take things back to basics and look at how you are using the camera you already have. It may be that you are not setting the right shutter speed or ISO. Don’t assume it is something to do with the camera without first looking at exactly how you are using it.

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Practise makes perfect

The advantage that digital cameras offer is that you can get out there and shoot as many photos as you want, and then check them straight away. So there really is no excuse for not shooting hundreds of photos. You won’t be wasting expensive film, or processing fees in order to see if any of your shots were any good.

Take your camera for a walk and experiment with different angles, different settings and different subject matter. It is this practice that costs very little except for time and effort, that will really help you to capture the best photography on a budget.

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