Best Laser Marking Systems from the Best Seller

We produce several models for laser marking and engraving:

MLP2-Compact is a basic model for marking (engraving), which allows you to solve the vast majority of tasks for marking industrial products made of metal and ceramics and marking souvenir products, it is mobile and easy to connect – does not require assembly. The time of readiness for work after removing the transport packaging is 5 minutes. You can easily get more details about our machines and products, visiting Marcatore laser Prezzo. Laser printing or engraving is a perfect way to have durable print or banners.

MLP2-Turbo is a complex for marking with an increased processing area and processing of parts of complex spatial geometry.

ML4-Compact   is a universal complex that allows you to solve the problems of deep engraving, as well as cutting and welding.

All these machines allow marking and engraving any materials: non-ferrous and ferrous metals and their alloys, plastics, ceramics.

All models supplied by us to one degree or another are multifunctional, however, the choice of a specific series is possible as a result of a detailed analysis of the task and needs of the Customer. Therefore, to select the optimal model and configuration – contact our specialists in the selection of equipment, they will advise you and conduct free technological tests.

Does your business need a high-performance laser machine for metal marking? GK “Lasers and Equipment” manufactures and supplies enterprises in Moscow and Moscow region, as well as in other regions of Russia and Belarus, modern equipment for working with various materials. Contact us to choose the model that is best suited to your technological needs.

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The advantages of technology

The CNC laser engraving machine is a multifunctional installation that meets the high requirements for modern equipment in terms of its characteristics. It is worth noting the main advantages of its operation.


 The laser marker successfully processes metals and their alloys, including hard, refractory, magnetic, etc., semiconductors, ceramics, polymers, composites.


 The markings and inscriptions created on the parts remain legible throughout their entire service life, and the machine itself has an almost unlimited resource of use.

Non-contact action

 During processing, the product is not damaged, does not change its properties, shape and size, retains its presentation and proper characteristics.


 Images and number-letter marks have sharp edges and are applied with high precision.


 The working speed is much faster than with a traditional mechanical engraver.


 The unit cost is low due to the above factors.

Call us to discuss the terms of delivery of equipment for laser engraving, get detailed information about the characteristics of the models, and consult on the specifics of their operation at your enterprise.

We hope the information we have shared through this page was worth looking and implementing. Please note that our printing machines are made from the finest quality metals and materials. The information we have shared is just meant for educational and informative purposes, and we don’t assure the details are 100% right or accurate. Thanks for investing your time with us on this page.

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