Best Email Marketing Strategies To Follow in 2022


Email marketing is one of the most important tools if your ultimate goal is to reach new customers. However, it is not only specific to that as you can also use it to show loyalty to your existing customers. You might not know this, but global email marketing revenue is projected to rise to a whopping 17.9 billion by 2027.

As we are all aware, trick and treat season is near, so it’s time to open your door to spooky costumes. But with that, coming up with a killer Halloween email marketing platform can lead to monstrous sales boost, and nobody would want to miss out on that now, right?

So, without further ado, let’s get to it. 


The top 5 email marketing strategies to make sales this Halloween

Below are a few email marketing strategies that can help you make a successful email campaign and make your Halloween newsletters extra spooky.

1. Use an appealing subject line 

You might not know this, but the average time a person spends reading an email is only 10 seconds. That said, you need to focus on catching your customer’s attention with a short yet compelling headline that forces the user not to take his eyes off the email. 

As it turns out, Halloween is a great time to show your creativity and make your emails stand out. Using Halloween-related wit and humor to put a smile on your customer’s face is another great idea. Here are some headlines that you can use during the Halloween season. 

  • Check out these products before they GHOST away!
  • Treats don’t have to be that tricky after all. 

However, don’t forget to add a call to action at the end. 

2. Pick a halloween themed email template 

Filtering out a relevant and creative email template is quite essential when creating an effective marketing strategy. You can save effort and time and opt for spectacular layouts from various online sites such as PosterMyWall. The Halloween email template sites like PosterMyWall offer easy customization, favorable graphic elements, and images to mesmerize your audience. 

Other than that, it would help if you also kept in mind to go for the designs that have a balanced color scheme so that the CTAs pop out a little. Below is an example to give you a better idea. 

3. Send the emails at the right time to the right audience 

Sending out marketing emails to the wrong audience at the wrong time can undoubtedly make all your efforts go in vain. Since 41% of Halloween shoppers consider related offers before the beginning of October, you must plan your strategy. 

The best action plan would be to create the emails and specify the dates you wish to send the emails. Start by determining the frequency of the emails, which means the number of emails you want to send out for this campaign. Then, choose the right time of the day to send the emails. 

Targeting the right customers also makes a considerable difference, as buyers are not all the same. Therefore, try to address their problems and needs separately and categorize them accordingly. 

4. Create a spooky halloween marketing angle 

The spooky element is the primary highlight of Halloween marketing campaigns and serves as a fruitful way to promote your products and services. The right angle can make any business site send a fun, scary, and spooky email newsletter that entices people. 

One way to create a spooky angel is to build suspense and keep your subscribers hooked with a mystery Halloween sale. Spicing up your emails with the element of mystery will help your click-through rate and will tempt the users to try their luck, leading to increased sales.  

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5. Describe your products in a magical way 

Adding descriptions of products is not difficult at all, but adding the proper description is. Choosing the right combination of words can do wonders for you, especially during Halloween. 

No matter what you sell, try to describe the product’s qualities in a magical way and notice how your sales chart rises magically too. 

Summing up

All in all, doing email marketing isn’t a tough job in today’s media-driven world. Everyone can do that, right? However, even though doing it in the right way does require some time and effort, it certainly has the potential to uplift your sales. So, what’s the wait for then? 

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