Top 10 Skills Required To Become A Certified Ethical Hacker

Ethical Hacking is the process of hacking into an organization’s network or system with proper authentication to root out security issues, loopholes in protocols and policies, and vulnerability or weakness in security regulations that will pose a huge security issue in the future. So here are the top 10 skills required to become a Certified Ethical Hacker. 

 Become A Certified Ethical Hacker



It is one of the most basic fundamental knowledge to get yourself started. You must have basic computer skills like Data processing, manage computer files, and create presentations. You must also be proficient in some advanced level skills like database management, programming skills, run spreadsheet calculations, etc. And some essential skills that you must have as an Ethical Hacker in Computing are MS Office, Email, Spreadsheets, Web platforms, Social Media, etc. 

Computer Networking 

Computer Networking is one of the most essential skills that every Ethical Hacker must have to excel in their career. You must understand various networking concepts like DHCP, Subnetting, Supernetting, and many more. Getting a good knowledge of Computer Networking helps you handle various devices (hosts) and its security and threats it faces. Get industry certified by taking up Intellipaat CEH training to crack CEH exam from EC Council. 


If you are an aspiring Ethical Hacker, you must be an expert working with the Linux operating system. Linux is the de-facto operating system to learn if you plan to break into the Ethical Hacking domain. There are many reasons why Linux is best. It is a free, open-source OS, best in terms of security, and many more features make it the best for Ethical Hackers. Linux is far less vulnerable compared to other OSs. 

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Programming skills are a must for you to become an ethical hacker. You must be an expert in at least one programming language and should hold good working knowledge in more than languages like Python, Java, C, C++, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, Perl, SQL, etc. 

Basic Hardware concepts

Being an Ethical Hacker you must also have complete knowledge in Hardware like CPUs, mice, monitors, keyboards, storage devices, speakers, graphic cards, motherboards, etc. Hackers will know everything ranging from software to hardware level. So if you are aspiring to become an Ethical Hacker you must also know about the machine and its components like working motherboard, USB devices, graphic cards, working of CMOS, BIOS, etc. So to prevent any sort of attack that could paralyze the complete security of systems. 

Reverse Engineering

It is one of the essential concepts that you must understand to be a qualified Ethical Hacker. Reverse Engineering tries to recover design, specify requirements, and other functions from just an analysis of code. This process builds a database program and thus information is generated. Why should we be focusing on this concept? Well, Reverse Engineering will help in speeding up the maintenance work. Security-wise, this concept is used to ensure that systems and networks don’t have any flaws or loopholes. Thereby helping the systems to stay protected from hackers and other cyber attacks. 


The database is where all sorts of data of a company are stored. If any hacker accesses it, it’s a big threat to the business or organization. So the team of Ethical Hackers in an organization must ensure that the database remains safe and secure. So, an Ethical Hacker must have a good knowledge of DBMS, database engines, Data schemas so that the organizations that employ these Ethical Hackers deploy a secure DBMS environment. 


Cryptography is the practice and study for securing information from being accessed by unauthorized parties. It helps in securing the information or communication from being intercepted by a third entity. In this practice, any text, message, or data can be converted from plain text to a non-readable form (ciphertext) while in transit to avoid getting intercepted even if hacked by hackers. Ethical hackers must be proficient in the practices of Cryptography to help organizations deploy a safe and secure environment for their employees to communicate and send files and messages without being hacked. 

Ethical Hacking Software and tools

An Ethical Hacker must be proactive and vigilant of all the tools that hackers today are using to hack into systems and networks. Ethical hackers must be experts in using tools that hackers use to scan, analyze and break into systems. These tools include some popular tools like John the Ripper, Metaspoilt, Wireshark, etc. These professionals must be experts in these tools and always have an eye out for newer tools. 


An Ethical Hacker must be a Problem Solver. Because every attack could be a problem that needs a solution to fix the vulnerability. If you wish to be a successful Ethical Hacker, then you must be a good problem solver. Because only then you could solve a problem and chart out solutions to prevent it from happening again because the security of an organization, business, or database is paramount. Being a problem solver helps you proactively look for problems, and find solutions to fix it before it happens. 

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