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A couple of months back, PUBG Mobile India was banned due to various reasons, and it was out from the Indian market for some reasons.

The news came that PUBG is banned in India, and it was heartbreaking for everyone. Finally, the GOOD NEWS has arrived that finally not PUBG MOBILE, but Battlegrounds Mobile India is coming to India.

Is it the upgraded version of the PUBG Mobile? We don’t know-how would be the graphics and story of this new game. It’s a successor of the previous PUBG Mobile game.

The best part is Battlegrounds Mobile India is specially made for the Indian audience and would be available only for Indian players. Krafton, the developer and owner of Battlegrounds Mobile India, released Battlegrounds Mobile India’s notification on Thursday.


Pre-Registration Process Of The Battlegrounds Mobile India

As per the notification released by Krafton, pre-registration for Battlegrounds Mobile India will begin soon. However, the pre-registration period is only for a limited period and limited users. Above all, there is NO DATE for pre-registration; nevertheless, the pre-registration date will be released soon on the social media handles. In our opinion, within the next week, we can expect the announcement of the pre-registration date.

If you haven’t received this notification, you can check out the logo of Battlegrounds Mobile India. The logo follows the Indian flag theme, and the PUBG NAME is not mentioned in the entire logo. There are rumors that the word ‘PUBG’ won’t be present anywhere; it’s just an upgraded version of the previous PUBG game.

Along with the pre-registration process, Krafton is claiming to guarantee privacy and data security as their priorities. Krafton is planning to work with numerous partners to maintain data security and privacy as the priorities.

Is Battlegrounds Mobile India The Ideal Successor Of The PUBG Mobile?

Yes, considering the logo and the official details revealed by Krafton, this is one of the best alternatives for PUBG Mobile. As per the official notifications, Krafton will be using India-based servers for collecting and storing the data. Above all, Krafton will follow the security and privacy data laws suggested by the Indian Government.

Krafton is investing nearly $100 million in this game to bring hundreds of job opportunities for Indians. Hence, Battlegrounds Mobile India is designed for India and will be played by Indians.

All the interested gamers should register on Google Play Store and App Store and wait for Battlegrounds Mobile India to be released. Initially, just after the pre-registration, this game will be available on the official website instead of the aforementioned platforms.

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What’s More, You Can Know About Battlegrounds Mobile India?

As per the Battlegrounds Mobile India privacy policy, kids and teenagers can only play this game for three hours every 24 hours. This time Krafton is only spending 7,000 INR on this game every day.

This is because many controversies were surrounding PUBG MOBILE regarding children’s addiction in India. Many teenagers and adults even died after the ban of PUBG MOBILE. This is something shocking for the Indian audience and PUBG Mobile creators. Addiction, suicide cases, and self-harming became the potential reasons behind the ban of PUBG Mobile.

Plus, teenagers and kids also have to share their parents’ mobile numbers during the pre-registration and createan account in this game. Krafton has also said that private data of the teenagers and kids will be collected for the game’s consent. The collected data will only be deleted when the parents demand the deletion by contacting the company.

Is It Safe To Play Battlegrounds Mobile India?

Battlegrounds Mobile India would be safer and better than the previous PUBG Mobile. Even the exclusive items would be 50-70% cheaper than PUBG Mobile. In our opinion, people who hated PUBG would undoubtedly become lovers of Battlegrounds Mobile India. So all the homies, download this game at the earliest!

Final Thoughts

The launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India is one of the best news in 2021 for gamers and PUBG lovers. We request all the players never tobe addicted to these games and avoid harming themselves. Games are just meant for playing, not for harming yourself and disturbing your peace of mind.

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