How to Attract Your First Customer?

Building a customer base and attracting new customers is a long and consistent process. What methods of attracting customers work in a highly competitive environment? Alexey Makariev, Head of the Russian Representative Office of Jungheinrich, and heads of divisions of the company – Leonid Obernik, Director of Key Accounts, and Anastasia Demina, Head of Internet Sales, will talk about this. If you are finding it hard to get customers online, you can contact to improve your lead generation and overall sales.


Major players realize the importance of an omnichannel approach and digital transformation of business, but still prefer to work traditionally: they direct managers to the client, send price lists and commercial offers created in MS Word. Internet commerce gives an undoubted advantage: communication between you and the client will reach a simpler and more understandable level, you will attract the attention of an audience that did not know about you before, your business will become much closer to the client.

In 2017, we launched the project – an online store of related products for a warehouse. The website was developed on a free platform with very limited functionality. We tried with a few categories of our products and realized that it works.

Interest from customers began to grow and by the beginning of 2018, the number of incoming orders and units of equipment sold had tripled. The worldwide fame of the brand became the basis for success at the start of the development of a new direction. And then it was necessary to improve the service and expand the capabilities of the online store.

The management of the company made a decision to enter the professional level of the eCom project. A high-quality website was developed. It has grown exponentially. There is interest from companies wishing to present their products on our website. The number of suppliers who have shown interest in cooperating with our online store has increased significantly – in 2018, five times compared to 2017, in 2019 – nine times.

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The idea was to offer customers a complete warehouse solution from one source. Over time, has become a specialized marketplace offering products from a wide range of suppliers – there are more than two hundred of them.

We increased the quantitative indicators of SKU – warehouse assortment position – in 2018 six times compared to 2017, and in 2019 – 14 times. For online retail, in the assortment of which there are more than a thousand assortment items (SKU), supply management and maintaining stock at the required level has become a logistical challenge. But now the client can buy everything on the website: from gloves to a forklift in one click.

This is a great tool for attracting new clients and starting cooperation. Making a small purchase, the client gets acquainted with our level of service, efficiency in providing the necessary information and completeness of information. In the future, it will be easier for him to make a decision about choosing a partner.

Developing the project, we promote the site in all active channels of communication with clients, taking into account that their audiences do not always overlap. For example, we publish promotions on the company’s social networks. Instagram “Jungheinrich” has a permanent heading “Product of the Week”.

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