Best Apps for Graphic Designers on iPhone

One of the best things you can do for your business is to create an attractive logo yourself as you are the only person who knows about the vision of your company. Designing graphics, logos and other amazing digital art pieces is one of the most exciting things to do and people in the current digital age have so many tools to get things done. One of the best things that you can think about is using your iPhone and other iOS devices to create some attractive and creative as there are so many apps that can help you create them.

In the current digital age, you need these applications as many of them are available for free and for the others you need to buy them and use their amazing features to complete your tasks. You can use the App Store to download these apps on your phone using Xfinity internet service that offer affordable services, high internet speeds and reliable service no matter where you are in America. To get you started with shortlisting your choices, let’s get you acquainted with a few applications that you can use to design attractive graphics no matter what level of expertise you have:


Tayasui Sketches

The app has a handful of different tools that can help you create different beautiful drawings and has a refined set of brushes to create one of the most realistic drawing tools. The app is one of the most versatile tools and is very user-friendly to be used as a sketching app on your mobile device. You can create the most realistic art pieces on the go. Apart from that you can use features like importing photos, brush editor, different layers that you can use to make your tasks easy, exporting designs as PNGs, import and export PSD layered files and do a lot more than you can think

App Store Rating: 4.6


The app lets you build and create palettes and test on 3D designs and materials and share your work on social media accounts. Users can get access to more than 10,000 standardized hues and so much more. The app has almost all the tools, content and features that you can use for free along with a selection of different PANTONE Colors. You can build different color palettes, take photos and use color pickers to create a custom palette. You can also extract colors from different images on your phone or on social media accounts that you use.

App Store Rating: 3.6


The app is one of the award-winning sketching apps that uses perfectly-tuned tools that make sketching, creating collages, painting, drawing and creating other artwork very creative. One of the good things about the app is that there are no distracting menus and maintains your creativity at all times. If you are a beginner the app has different creative prompts that can guide you let you know how to create some really cool graphics in no time. Also, the app has tips and tricks from the top masters and artists making things easy for you to create and turn into masterpieces.

App Store Rating: 4.6

Procreate Pocket

The apps are powerful enough to cater your needs as a creative professional and an amateur user as well. The app is packed with features that are versatile and has a lot of features that you can use. You can find hundreds of handmade brushes and a suite of different interactive tools that has almost everything one needs to create an expressive sketch, painting and other different kinds of artworks. The app is suitable for all levels of artists.

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App Store Rating: 3.9


The app is very useful if you have a thing for picture colors and picture styles from the 70s, 80s, or the 90s era. You can create different images and different video clips so that they get a touch of the above-mentioned era. All you need to do is take a picture or select a picture recently from your photo library and you can have them appear as Atari, Sega Mega Drive, Commodore 64, the IBM PC, and many others including the original Apple Macintosh (1984 model). The app also lets you create your own modes as well.

App Store Rating: 4.8

In the end, we can say that using these tools that are mentioned above and many other tools requires you to be creative and use your imagination to make the most of your art sense. These apps can help you become a better artist and will make your business grow as well. Also, these apps are suitable for users of almost all levels and also will let you learn a thing or two about art and graphic designing as well.

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