3 Unique Golfing Games

With the popularity of online sports games like fantasy football and e-sports, it’s no surprise that golf video games have exploded in recent years.

Today we’re excited to introduce exciting golfing games that provide players with a range of experiences. From Mario and friends going on exciting adventures on the green to adorable miis getting to explore a remarkable resort, here are the three best video games for golfers.


Game #1: Wii Sports Resort

A popular gimmick for one of Nintendo’s iconic consoles, the Wii, was the “Wii Sports” franchise. In this series of games, players use the motion controls of the Wii, and more recently, the Nintendo Switch, to play various sports. Numerous entries in this memorable series allow players to go golfing, whether at home or on the go. Wii Sports Resort lets players incorporate tee time into their athletic vacation!

Each entry in this franchise allows players to enjoy a variety of sports with various backdrops. The specialty of Wii Sports Resort is that it allows players to visit a tropical paradise and engage in summertime activities year-round. This game allows players to see tropical vistas while playing golf, even in December when snow freely falls outside.

Going on a tropical vacation as easily as booting up a television and a gaming console may be something you can’t quite replicate. Still, if you’re going on a golf vacation, you want to sport attire as stylish as your miis. Look for stylish new apparel or golf bags at Stitch Golf— you’ll be ready for the big screen and the course.

Game #2: Mario Golf Super Rush

Mario’s first foray into golf on the Switch comes in the form of Mario Golf Super Rush. This exciting game blends traditional golfing gameplay with iconic Mario silliness, allowing famous Mario characters to become pro golfers.

This game differs from the other games on this list because it adds gameplay elements to the sport. One example of non-traditional golfing gameplay in the game is the game’s “Speed Golf.” In this mode, players race to complete their holes as quickly as possible in real-time rather than in turns. It allows players to turn what ought to be a turn-based sporting event into a thrilling competition.

If you’re skeptical about a game that will help you become a pro, reserve judgment. Golf is a game that requires precise hand-eye coordination, and it turns out video games improve motor skills! You might become a pro yet just by playing this game.

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Game #3 Everybody’s Golf VR:

Everybody’s Golf VR is a relatively young virtual reality game that lets players immerse themselves in various locales while golfing virtually. This surprisingly exciting virtual experience lets you hit the course in real time!

In virtual reality, you can practice your form and stimulate the motions of practiced golfers from the comforts of your home. More than video games, it helps with full-body coordination since you have to act out the swing, posture, and everything else!


Golfers can play many video games on or off the course. Thanks to the widespread popularity of video games, a determined golfer can game in all sorts of conditions.

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